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How Does OnTask work?

At OnTask, we introduce you to variety of professionals from different segments. Just tell us what you need. Choose from an extensive range of services, compare the quotes and hire the one that suits your requirement the most… its simple, secure and easy.

Tell us What you Need?

Answer a few specific questions about what you need. We’ll share these basic details with our experienced, background checked, verified and trusted Service Pros in your nearest vicinity. Your contact details are not shared with the Service Pros, hence no privacy issues.

Compare and Choose

Within 1 hour of your request, the 5 best available Service Pros shall send their introductions and quotes using OnTask Credits.
The introductions shall include the following details:

  • Custom quote
  • Personalized message
  • Business Profile
  • Contact information
  • Customer Reviews

Hire and Pay

  • Once the Service Pro is selected for a particular task, you may get in touch with the Service Pro to explain the task in detail and finalize on the prices.
  • Once the price is decided, you may proceed to make the payment using the OnTask Platform by way of Credit Card/Internet Banking/Prepaid Wallets or you may make the payment once the task is completed.

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